Royal Coat of Arms: Hawaii

Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono
The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness

Coat of Arms

Herb Kawainui Kane’s deep love of the Hawaiian culture brought him in contact with many historians and kapuna to recreate the story of Hawaiian life. In a meeting at the Bishop Estate, Herb was asked to make a sculpture of the Hawaiian Kingdom Coat of Arms. During the reign of King Kamehameha III and King Kalakaua, the Royal Coat of Arms was a strong symbol to assert the sovereignty of the crown and reaffirm the of the spirit of the kingdom.

The Royal Coat of Arms is proudly displayed at the Hulihee Palace in Kailua-Kona, the Royal Mausoleum, and Iolani Palace on Oahu to honor the great Kings and Queens of the Hawaiian monarchy. Herb took an impression of the Royal Coat of Arms, originally designed by native Hawaiian Timothy Haalili and later cast in Italy.

From that impression, Herb created the mold that depicts the superb detail of the original design, and as with Pele, he brought into three-dimensional form the honoring of the Hawaiian Alii.

Herb later licensed the rights to this mold to MaryAnn Hylton who is now offering the bas-relief in antiqued true bronze and antiqued pewter. These rich finishes allows all of the unique details and texture of the original sculpture to be revealed for the first time.

men on coaEvery piece is hand-made and finished to the highest standards of materials and workmanship, as befitting its historical value. These rare works of art are made for the enjoyment of all who cherish Hawai‘i’s unique and colorful heritage and who wish to own a true treasure from Hawaii’s history.


The coat of arms is hand-poured of cast stone, a natural mineral product. Approximately six layers of finish, including true atomized bronze, are hand-applied and burnished. All materials used are non-toxic.

The completed work may be displayed outdoors in temperate climates. A sturdy hook is built in, and alternative fittings for hanging may be special ordered.

i ka pono

  • 20” x 24” x apx 2” relief
  • Hand-poured from cast stone
  • Hand-finished with antiqued true bronze
  • Weatherproof in temperate climates
  • $900 outside Hawai‘o
  • $938 within Hawai‘i (includes GET)

Royal Coat of Arms

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